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About the library

The Library at Frederiksberg Campus is one of the libraries in the University library organization, Copenhagen University Library (KUB).

The library is organized under the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, colloquially known as Science.

The Faculty Librarian refers to both the SCIENCE Dean and to the University Librarian at the University of Copenhagen.

The Library serves, in collaboration with the Copenhagen University Library North, mainly students and researchers at Frederiksberg campus, including the veterinary departments of The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

The library covers the subject areas: Biotechnology, Horticulture, Human Nutrition, Animal Science, Agriculture, Agriculture and Finance, Landscape, Food, Environment, Plant diseases, Forestry and Veterinary Science.

As a KUB library, users also have access to the resources in most of the other university subject areas. All material can be searched through the catalog REX.

The faculty’s Research Documentation is a unit of of the library.