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Fungi Florae Danicae

All the Fungi plates from Flora Danica in this unique work are collected by Agricultural College botanist and plant pathologist Emil Rostrup (1831-1907) and arranged by the nomenclature in the mycological standard work Sylloge fungorum omnium hucusque cognitorum, which was first compiled and published in 9 volumes 1882-90 by botanist Pier Andrea Saccardo (1845-1920) and later continued in an expanded 25 volumes edition 1931 by G.B. Traverso og A. Trotter.

Here a selection of plates from this work, which consists of a bound copy and a folder with duplicates of loose plates. A number of these are coloured, but not all of them. 

See more about Rostrup as bird painter and as a plant pathologist in these other web exhibitions.

The entire Flora Danica is available online via the Natural History Museum of Denmark.