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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is done by the library's Document Delivery Department. We only get materials within our subject areas: Biotechnology, Horticulture, Human Nutrition, Animal Science, Agriculture, Agriculture and Finance, Landscape, Food, Environment, Plant diseases, Forestry and Veterinary Science.
If we do not have the material, we will get it home for employees and students at the University of Copehhagen free of charge.

If you by yourself - if possible - order the material thorugh REX or, the time of delivery will be quicker

1. REX
Search the wanted material in Rex.
If not available in REX, try
3. Order form
If you do not find the wanted in the above mentioned databases, you can use this order form. (You have to log in to REX first)

How long does it take?
Usually we can deliver the material in 1-10 days, but if the material has to be ordered from a far away library or in an untraditional way the delivery time can be up to three months.
Always remember to inform us about your last day of interest.

Renewal of interlibrary loans
Renewal is only possible by contacting the staff by phone (3533 2145), by email ( or at the information desk.

Books must be returned to a CULIS library. Please return or renew the material on time as we depend on our collaboration agreements with other libraries. When we receive a bill from the library that owns the non-returned material, we will forward the bill to the user including a handling fee. See the price list.

If you have any questions regarding interlibrary loans, please contact us at the Interlibrary Loan Department: