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Employees at Copenhagen University Library Frederiksberg / Science Library Frederiksberg

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Bagger, Anne BeritInformation specialist Library web editor. Instructor and supervisor specialising in literature search and reference management (Mendeley). Part of the library duty team. +45 353-32137E-mail
Bojsen, MariaInformation specialist Processing user requests and perform other tasks in connection with the purchase of books.. Part of library duty team. +45 353-32130E-mail
Dondes, ViliaSenior clerk Administers the library¿s periodicals in print and their associated accounts. Manages the library¿s purchase requests for printed and digital titles to CUL AIR. Part of the library duty team. Occupational Health and Safety Representative. +45 353-32135E-mail
Fugl, JetteInformation specialist CUL Teacher Service Coordinator and library contact person for teacher services at the Frederiksberg Campus.Part of the library duty team. Union representative with a seat in the Faculty Collaboration Committee and the Local Collaboration Committee.As senior union rep. also sits in the General Colla +45 353-32157E-mail
Grützmeier, MarianneDeputy head of department  +45 353-32697E-mail
Høgsberg, KnudInformation specialist Curator. Responsible for the library¿s heritage and special collections. Arrange digital and physical exhibits. Instructor for library courses. Part of the library duty team. +45 353-32143E-mail
Jacobsen, MetteInformation specialist Detailed knowledge of the CURIS data entry module, coordinator of the Department Secretariat Network in relation to CURIS, primary validation of CURIS data entry. Part of the library duty team. +45 353-32115E-mail
Jørgensen, OleInformation specialist CURIS validation with special emphasis on PhD registrations. Ole Jørgensen is part-time, with service split between the SCIENCE library and the Department of Mathematical Sciences library. Alternate UCPH union representative. +45 353-20795E-mail
Kristensen, Michael S. G.Administrative officer Contact to Campus Service for facility maintenance, etc. Responsible for ordering and preparing transport/logistics of packages. Contact with bookbinders. Assistance with interlibrary loans. +45 353-32136E-mail
Larsen, Karen BendixInformation specialist Responsible for in- and outbound interlibrary loans. Chairperson of the Danish Research Library Association¿s Forum for Remote Borrowing, Reference and Accession (FORFRA). Instructor, in particular with reference management (RefWorks). Co-editor of library website. Responsible for the library¿s acad +45 353-32140E-mail
Lund, PernilleInformation specialist Validates CURIS data from HEALTH¿s veterinary departments, the Department of Chemistry and student projects. Catalogue management and stock registration of library data in REX. Instructional assistant. Part of the library duty team. +45 353-32346E-mail
Lund, TinaInformation specialist Part of library duty team. Assigns subject headings for library¿s printed book purchases. +45 353-32134E-mail
Olsen, Kurt Michael Garbrecht BroeAdministrative officer Organising and arranging library collection of books and journals. +45 353-32189E-mail
Olsen, PeterInformation specialist Research registration in CURIS, Bibliometrics. Instructions, primarily in reference handling. Part of the library duty team. +45 353-32170E-mail
Pedersen, Poul TommyAttendant Organising and arranging library collection of books and journals. Responsible for orders and readying packages for postage and shipping logistics. Readying books. Ad hoc facilities upkeep. +45 353-32113E-mail
Price, AdrianUnit coordinator Detailed knowledge of the CURIS platform¿s PURE programme, knowledge of bibliometric tools and methods. Part of the library duty team. Project manager for CULIS¿ Bibliometric Project, that from 2013-2015 will introduce bibliometric competency to each of the CULIS Faculty libraries. +45 353-32116E-mail
Stensager, Anders OtteInformation specialist Registration and validation of research publications in CURIS. Udarbejdelse af rapporter om forskningsregistrering i samarbejde med aftagerne. +45 353-37715E-mail
Trumpy, Anne CathrineInformation specialist Responsible for the library information counter and daily student assistant coordinator. Instructional coordinator and contact person for library courses. Instructor, emphasis in source criticism and general information regarding sourcing and evaluation. Part of the library duty team. +45 353-32147E-mail