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Legislation and patents

Legislation Denmark

The official online legal information system of the Danish society. Only in Danish.

Entire Collection of Schultz Law Portals!

Schultz Law Portals separately

  • Fødevare- og Veterinærportalen  (The Food and Veterinary Portal) Only in Danish.
    Danish and EU veterinary and food legislation, guides to managing labelling controls. 
  • LovText Miljø (Environmental legislation) Only in Danish.
    Updated regulations, plus other relevant information, eg EU regulations, judgments and administrative decisions.
    Topics: Waste and recycling, genetic engineering, marine environment, soil and groundwater, contaminated soil, chemicals, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, air, environmental management, green accounting, environmental protection (general), environmental labeling, environmental support, environmental taxes, EIA and SEA, streams, effluents, handling, noise, water companies (plants).

  • Lovguide Miljø (Legislation Guide Environment) Only in Danish.
    Support Tools, which provides a broad overview of environmental law. Contains among other things, a case officer oriented subject entry within waste and raw materials, nature, industry, agriculture and water. The continous updating includes both national and new European directives, with references to related legislation.

  • LovText Plan og Natur (Planning and nature legislation) Only in Danish.
    Legislation and decisions on planning and nature conservation. Updated regulations, plus other relevant information, eg EU regulations, judgments and administrative decisions.
    Topics: Land use, housing, urban development, infrastructure, nature protection and nature conservation, planning, public access to nature, experiments etc.

  • Lovguide Plan og Natur (Legislation Guide Plan and Nature) Only in Danish.
    A support tool that provides a broad overview of planning rules in Denmark. Contains among other things, a case officer oriented subject entry with legislation guide reports within municipal and local planning, urban areas, the open country, nature and transversal topics such as expropriation. The continoius updating includes both national and new European directives with references to related legislation. 

Legislation EU

EUR-Lex provides free access to European Union law. Here you can consult the Official Journal of the European Union as well as the treaties, legislation, case-law and legislative proposals.  


Derwent Innovations Index  
Joint patent databases which makes it possible to search for both patents and the publications (or other patents) citing these.

European Patent Office
European  Patent Database.

The database of The Danish Patent and Trademark Office including Danish patents, utility models, trademarks and design.

United States Patent and Trademark Office
American patent database.

Free patent searching.